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Public Sector (Sovereign) Financing

In the Spotlight

  • ADB Study Maps Supply Chains for Key Products in COVID-19 Response

    The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has released a landmark study which maps supply chains for critical products in the global response to the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic, clearing the way for the identification and removal of blockages in their production and distribution.

  • 威廉希尔体育With timely and well-targeted programs, policy makers can prevent the health crisis from deepening into a wider economic and financial crisis. This could sow the seeds of economic recovery.

  • 2018 Annual Portfolio Performance Report

    The report identifies key issues and portfolio trends and makes recommendations at the overall portfolio level. It builds on the project implementation reports and ADB project information databases. The APPR also includes lessons for future ADB interventions.

  • PRC Earmarks $10 Million from its ADB Trust Fund to Address COVID-19 Challenges in Developing Asia

    The Government of the PRC has earmarked a total amount of $10 million in its Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund to support ADB in assisting its developing member countries to address their COVID-19 challenges.

ADB offers a range of financial products that help developing member countries (DMCs) build economic growth and social development. These tools include loans, technical assistance, and grants.

威廉希尔体育Public sector (sovereign) financing is extended to DMC governments and public sector entities, such as state-owned enterprises. Sovereign lending or financing secured by a government guarantee forms the greater part of ADB’s development assistance.


The Loan and Grant Financial Information Services (LFIS) website provides online information on loans and grants basic data, summaries, status of withdrawal applications, contract ledgers, disbursement data and reports to internal and authorized external users.