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ADB's Focus on Information and Communications Technology (ICT)

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  • Innovation Can Unlock Faster Growth and Development in Asia and Pacific — ADB Report

    威廉希尔体育Fostering greater innovation would bring faster and more inclusive economic growth in Asia and the Pacific, according to the theme chapter of the Asian Development Outlook (ADO) 2020 released by ADB.

  • The CAPI Effect: Boosting Survey Data through Mobile Technology

    This report discusses the role computer-assisted personal interviewing (CAPI) can play in transforming survey data collection to allow better monitoring of the Sustainable Development Goals. Download report

    威廉希尔体育See the explainer on Development Asia:

  • 威廉希尔体育The exponential growth of data and artificial intelligence is creating a tug-of-war between data for profit and data for the common good. In this struggle, it is fundamental that we protect our basic human data rights.

  • 威廉希尔体育The ‘app economy’ provides potential risks and benefits for developing countries. The right policies are needed to bring out the best in these emerging economic trends.

威廉希尔体育Information and communications technology (ICT) has boosted growth, expanded opportunities, and improved service delivery in much of the world. However, broader development benefits have fallen short and are unevenly distributed. Attention to "ICT for Development" springs from the desire to leverage ICT to propel economic and social progress and enhance its positive impacts. ADB aims to catalyze policy and regulatory frameworks, infrastructure, applications, and skills for ICT, with an eye also on standardization and information technology security.

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