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ADB's Focus on the Finance Sector

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  • 威廉希尔体育The pandemic has highlighted the shortcomings of the globalized supply chain model.

  • The production processes and supply chains that feed into the production of masks, gloves and other personal protective equipment must be secured.

  • 威廉希尔体育Many workers will be displaced and many businesses will close as a result of the slowdown caused by COVID-19. Providing support to those affected gives them a fighting chance.

  • Bank-held nonperforming loans in some Asian economies have risen in recent years. Policy makers should address this growing risk now.

The financial system is the lifeline of a country’s economy. It creates prosperity that can be shared throughout society and benefit the poorest and most vulnerable people. Financial sector and capital market development, including microfinance, small and medium-sized enterprises, and regulatory reforms, is vital to decreasing poverty in Asia and the Pacific. Since the Asian financial crisis in 1997-1998, the region’s financial sector has strengthened significantly. However, it still lags substantially behind that of developed economies and room to grow.

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