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Uzbekistan and ADB

ADB has partnered with Uzbekistan since 1995, with its operations assisting in three strategic areas: private sector development, reduction of economic and social disparities, and regional cooperation and integration.

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ADB President, Uzbekistan Deputy Prime Minister Discuss Support for COVID-19 Response

ADB has approved $200,000 in grant support to immediately address medical needs. ADB is working with the government on countercyclical support that will help to mitigate the negative impact on the economy. Learn more


Managing Climate Adaptive Water Resources in the Aral Sea Basin in Uzbekistan

ADB is proposing a project to deliver climate adaptive solutions for water resources management and modernize outdated irrigation and drainage systems within the Amu Darya and selected reaches of the Zarafshan irrigation system.


State-Owned Enterprises in Uzbekistan: Taking Stock and Some Reform Priorities

威廉希尔体育State-owned enterprises dominate Uzbekistan's economy and have significant influence on the performance of most sectors.

News Release

ADB Helps Uzbekistan Improve Public Schools in Tashkent Through Public–Private Partnership

Minister of Public Education Mr. Sherzod Shermatov and ADB Deputy Country Director for Uzbekistan Mr. Enrico Pinali  have signed an agreement for ADB to advise on a PPP to help rehabilitate and construct public schools in...

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Economic Forecast

威廉希尔体育GDP forecasts are based on ADB's flagship publication, the Asian Development Outlook. Updated four times a year, it analyzes economic and development issues in developing countries in Asia and the Pacific.

Poverty in Uzbekistan

Development indicators for Uzbekistan, including a selection of economic, environmental, and social indicators used globally to track progress toward the Sustainable Development Goals.

Results of ADB-Supported Operations, 2010-2018

威廉希尔体育Results achieved are aggregate amounts of outputs and outcomes from operations reported in project completion reports and extended annual review reports circulated for the year.

Projects Cofinanced, 2014-2018

Cofinancing operations enable ADB’s financing partners, governments or their agencies, multilateral financing institutions, and commercial organizations to participate in financing ADB projects. Additional funds are provided in the form of official loans and grants, technical assistance, other concessional financing, and commercial cofinancing such as B loans, risk transfer arrangements, parallel loans and equity, guarantee cofinancing, and cofinancing for transactions under ADB’s Trade Finance Program.

Project Performance, 2000-2018

ADB Projects in Uzbekistan

Project Results

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04 Jun 2020 | News from Country Offices

ADB and Ipoteka Bank Partner to Support Trade in Uzbekistan

The Asian Development Bank’s (ADB) Trade Finance Program (TFP) and Ipoteka Bank from Uzbekistan today signed an agreement providing guarantees to support trade in the country. “We are excited to have Ipoteka Bank....

18 May 2020 | News from Country Offices

ADB Allocates $1.36 Million Grant for Uzbekistan's Fight Against COVID-19

威廉希尔体育ADB has allocated a $1.36 million grant for Uzbekistan to procure medical equipment and supplies to support the country’s efforts to combat the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic.

20 Apr 2020 | News from Country Offices

$60 Million ADB Loan to Improve Solid Waste Management in Uzbekistan

威廉希尔体育ADB has approved a $60 million loan that will help to improve and expand solid waste management services in small urban and rural areas across Uzbekistan and promote environmental sustainability.

03 Apr 2020 | News from Country Offices

Uzbekistan Growth to Slow in 2020 Amid Pandemic and Lower Energy Price — ADB

Uzbekistan’s growth will slow in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic and a lower price for natural gas and copper, but higher investments coupled with gains in industry and agriculture are expected to fuel a recovery in 2021, a new...


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